Carbon Fiber Hood

(last update 05/22/05)

Welcome to the next steps in our project. Now that the design and machining is complete we will move on to strengthening the foam mold and preparing the surface to nearly a mirror finish before laying up our first part.

The foam is very, very soft and easily damaged so we will reinforce the surface with something much stronger and easy to prepare. Jesse is applying the first of two layers of 9oz fiberglass cloth. The material was cut to length and matted down using a two part epoxy resin.

Steve and Jesse are adding the second layer of cloth and resin.

Here is a closer look at what will be the windshield edge of the scoop. Notice the overlap on the foam surface.

Well, here is the finished product. Wet but finished! Now we will let it sit for 24 hours and start the sanding and priming process. Jesse plays football so a little extra arm workout wont hurt.

Looking at this now I just hope the scoop won't be to tall near the windshield. Well if it is we will fix it when we bond it to the hood.

We have started the prep work. First we block sanded the entire mold with #80 grit sand paper. Block sanding identified high and low spots in the mold plus it smoothed out what was a pretty rough surface. We then applied a coat of body filler to the low spots and sanded it flush. I’m applying a second and final coat of filler to the mold.

Sanding, sanding and more sanding. We block sanded the entire mold starting with #80 grit sand paper, #100 grit, #220 grit and then down to a #320 grit, applying primer periodically as needed.  Here I am applying the final sand with #600 grit.

Jesse puts the mold through a final wash before applying wax coat.

This is the last process before we move on to laying up the fiberglass part. Jesse is applying the last coat (eight total were applied) of Johnson's Paste Wax. For each coat Jesse would apply a thin coat, wait a few minutes and buff out with a soft cloth. Notice the light reflection in the mold surface. It's as smooth as glass!

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