Our Critters

(last update 12/19/03)

Well living on a farm has lots of advantages especially if you are an animal lover. If it was just up to her, my wife would collect every stray animal she sees. Thank God she still listens to me........ Well sometimes!

This page contains pictures and some information of our extended family.

Yes it's a lama! Why? Because we didn't have one.

This my pride and joy. Star is a Quater Horse and is one of the finest horses I have ever seen.
(Click on Stars picture to see more of him.)

Zavier came to us as a rescue. When we got him he was nearly starved to death you could put the width of two fingers deep into his rib cage. I wish I had some before pictures.

First of all we didn't name her. Our neighbor raised market sheep but when this one was born the hew would not take care of it so she was bottle fed and hand raised. Nita went and visited her just about everyday so according to her there was no way this lamb was going to market.  Actually Kitty is more like a dog then a sheep.

Jackson is a full blooded lab and came to us in 2002. His previous owners could no longer take care of him. He is such a good boy!

Here is my baby. We got Jas in 2000 when she was 7 weeks old. She is a chocolate lab and is an excellent waterfowl/hunting dog.  She sure loves to hunt!!


This is Nita's baby. Gizmo is actually a pup of Jasmine's. A male dog jumped our fence and had a brief encounter with Jas. Unfortunately we ended up with twelve pups which Nita insisted on keeping this one. Additionally Gizmo has Addison's Disease which makes him our most expensive pet.

Our oldest son Jesse won Iggy at the 2003 Greene County Fair. Ye ha!!

Tahlia was a neighbors cat that we inherited when they moved.


This is my wife’s cat and it hates me. I guess it harbors a little resentment because every time I got a hold of it I would let the dogs show their affection :-))
Oh yea, he was a stray.


This is our newest pet we got him in June of 06. Yes it's a skunk and Yes he has no more stink. Oct. 9th 2006 we lost riley Riley to a strain of parvo. He is truely missed!

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