Line Array

(last update 06/06/03)

I would like to dedicated this page to Darren Kuzma who's own Kuzw3201 Line Array inspired me to build my own version of his outstanding speakers. Darren also provided me with lots of guidance,  support and preformed all the testing.
Thanks Darren for all your help and patience!

 These speakers are 72" tall x 3-3/4"  wide x 6-1/4" deep (these dimensions do not include the 12" dia. base) and consist of (32) two inch drivers in each tower.  The total cost of these speakers were less than $300 per pair and their performance is unbelievable.

These speakers where designed and built for use in our Home Theater ( HT). The finished HT project will contain one pair on the (32)  driver Line Arrays and two pair of  the Line Arrays containing (24) drivers in each tower. When they are installed the speaker towers will be recessed in pine log colums.

In the next couple of weeks I will be adding to this page drawings, building instructions, parts list and component cost.

(32) Driver Line Array  

The finished (32) driver Line Array


Drawings and Parts list

Building Instructions

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