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(last update 07/18/06)

Our interior will definitely raise some eye brows. The snake skin interior certainly stands out. Carbon fiber interior components are everywhere and for that reason we chose something that people will be scratching their heads saying “how did you do that”. First of all, this is not a vinyl or self stick material and it is not hand painted. So what is it? It is a 3D printing process that can be applied to just about any surface and has the same properties as any automotive paint. The available patterns are in the several 100’s and are printed over a base color so if you change the base color you change the look of the patterns making the available combinations just about limitless.  So imagine, if you would want carbon fiber it could be the standard colors or even metallic hot pink.

Before I start, we want to say:

THANK  YOU  Dick, Dan, Marty and Mark at Lakota Industries
Lakota Industries provided all the materail and labor to make this interior so unique. If you want your ride to stand out contact them and see what they can do for you. Tell them you seen  their work on Jerry's site.

This is the center console

Here is a closer view.

Door panel inserts. .

Yes, this is the speaker grill.  This stuff works on anything!


Ok, this isn't an interior part but it was still done by the same process. It's done in Carbon fiber so it will match the hood, spoiler and other CF items on the exterior of the car.

How about a snake a skin roll bar? Haven't seen many of these have you?

Here is a closer look.


Here is one of the wheels. We thought about doing the hole wheel in carbon fiber but I think it looks good like this.


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