Our House

(last update 03/02/03)

We live on a small farm just south of Xenia, Ohio. For those of you not familiar with Xenia in 1974 it was the site of one of the worst tornados in US history. Xenia has had it's share of tornados over the years with the most recent on September 20, 2000. Despite Xenia’s windy history and the devastation it has endured, the community has developed a unique bond and truly is the “City of hospitality”

This page contains some pictures of our  property in both summer and winter. Because of the pictures doewnloading time may be slow.

Here is an aerial view of our land

Front view of our house

Side yard (Facing Northwest)

Side yard (Facing North)

Backside of pond (Facing Southeast)

Back of house looking across our field. (Facing Northeast)

Back of house (Facing North)

This is our barn (South side of house)

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